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    Today, Multi-functional Drilling-rig Exports to France Again
    Author:admin Click:4922 Time:2012-11-22
       After the YGSL-120R type multi-functional drilling rig went access into the Western Europe, another type of drilling-rig, called YGL-80RF Fission Type Multi-functional Drilling Rig, exports to the France from our company now.
       YGL-80RF Drilling Rig – full hydraulic drive \ fission load (work part based on the track chassis and power unit installed on the cartwheel chassis) – is suitable for different kinds of the drill techniques and methods, such as Dry Anchor Drill, DTH Hammer Impact Drill by Air, Mud Positive Circulating Drill, Multi-liquid Reverse Circulating Drill, and effectively resolves difficulties of the drill work in loose cover land, gravel ground and fragmentation rock area, when it faces to a variety of the stratums and complex work situations.
       YGL-80RF Full Hydraulic Track Chassis Fission Type Multi-functional Drilling Rig will be widely applied in GSHPs hole drilling; water well drilling; large tonnage prestressed anchor hole drilling or the drain hole in the side slopes of water power station dam, railway, highway, etc; underground boring in pipe shed construction; grouting fixing hole and small base peg; coast preventing and collapse recruiting construction and so on.
    The optimized design of its fission type ensures the unit mass of the drilling rig be exactly limited. It provides the convenience of transporting in some weight limit areas and makes the work unit located on the track chassis move quickly and handily. Therefore, it gives a strongly adaptability in different work area, and its stable performance is affirmed by a variety of customers and inspected by their long period using.
       Successively, that two types of the drilling rig exports to France testifies the design and manufacture of our company and the service ability is already entirely satisfied to the requirement of clients from developed country; on the other hand, it also inspirits us to achieve the higher standard and offer the higher quality of the products and the service to our clients.

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