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    YDX-1200 Hydraulic Surface Exploration Core Drilling Rig


    YDX-1200LG surface core drilling rig is one kind of hydraulic top drive rotary head type drilling rig which is mainly used in diameter diamond drilling of metal and nonmetal solid deposit exploration. It can be used in carbide bit core drilling. It is used to bore vertical holes as well as inclined holes, which is also applied in engineering boreholes of hydrology water wells, petroleum or gas field exploration, dike & dam cement grouting, tunnel ventilation and water draining, etc.


    The rig takes advantage in its high rotary speed, reasonable rotary speed range, various rotary speed grades and big torque in low speed. Hence, it’s very suitable for small diameter diamond bit core drilling. Meanwhile, it can meet the requirements of large diameter carbide bit core drilling and varieties of engineering boreholes.
    It has long stroke which is helpful to reduce the rod reversion frequency, avoid coring block, and improve productivity.
    It has a simple structure, a light weight and is convenient to remove, so as to make the replacement process easily.
    Its operation is concentrated, simple, convenient, flexible and reliable, so as to reduce the labor intensity a lot.
    It needn’t be provided with a special inclined tower when drilling inclined holes. It can also realize raising two rods at one time.
    It is convenient and fast to mount and install the rig. No specialized drill tower is needed to allocate which has cut the preparation time largely.
    It has several choices of the chassis, such as skid / trailer / crawler mounted(as the customers’ requests)

    technical specification

    Borehole diameter/depth BQ 1200 m / NQ 850 m / HQ 600 m
    Drill angle 0~-90°
    Drill head rotary speed / torque 100-140RPM ;210-300 RPM;437-636 RPM ;750-1100RPM
    /Max torque:5200Nm
    Drill head feeding stroke 3500 mm
    Drill head Max. Lifting capacity 55 kN
    Drill head Max. Thrust force 108kN
    Main hoist Max. Lifting capacity 71 KN
    Lifting speed 40m/min
    Assist hoist Max. Lifting capacity 12 KN
    Lifting speed 120m/min
    Diesel engine model Cummins 6BTA5.9-C190
    Diesel engine power 140kw
    Drill rig weight(crawler mounted) about 11500kg
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